A wide variety of cottage cheeses are available on the
market ranging in butterfat content from 1/2 percent to 4
percent. The dry curd cottage cheeses have roughly twenty
calories per ounce and those with 4 percent butterfat
contain about thirty calories per ounce. The curds
themselves are made from skim milk. The richer cottage
cheeses, sometimes called creamed cottage cheese are made
by adding the whole milk and cream to the curds. Unless
otherwise noted, the recipes calling for the use of
Cottage cheese mean the creamed cottage cheese (at least 2
percent butterfat) carefully drained of excess moisture.


This is skim-milk cottage cheese that has been pressed
into small squares or rectangles. It is usually sold in
delicatessens or specialty shops as bricks. Dry-curd
cottage cheese can be substituted for farmer cheese if


In the United States, ricotta is almost always made from
whole milk or a combination of milk and whey. The fat
content is from 4 to 10 percent and there are about 50
calories per ounce. The water content is about 72
percent; the texture is slightly grainy, ranging to
creamier if made from all milk. It is sold in 15 or 32-oz
containers which are usually dated. Be sure to check for
freshness, since this cheese keeps only for a few days.

Skim-milk ricotta is also available, and this resembles
the original ricotta made in Italy. Most cheesecake
recipes call for the whole milk ricotta.