Although eggs are generally best for holding together the
ingredients of a successful cheesecake, there are several
other ingredients that can be used in addition or in place
of them. Flour and cornstarch also thicken the batter and
stabilize the moisture content.


In most recipes, we indicate either all purpose flour or
self rising flour. The all-purpose flour can be either
bleached or unbleached and today usually comes pre-sifted.

If not, sift before measuring. Self-rising flour is
bleached flour to which has been added a leavening agent
such as baking powder. Whichever you use, remember to use
it judiciously. Too much flour will make the cheesecake


Finer than flour, cornstarch is more effective as a
thickening agent. As with the flour, too much cornstarch
will leave your cheesecake tough.


Unflavored gelatin is commonly available in one-ounce
envelopes. It is a thickening agent that works best when
refrigerated, thus this is the basic ingredient in most of
the no-bake cheesecakes. It must be blended well with the
ingredients and completely dissolved. Too much gelatin
will make a rubbery cheesecake.