Milk is used infrequently in cheesecakes. Other milk
products that appear more frequently in cheesecakes are
buttermilk, sweetened condensed milk, and Yogurt.
Buttermilk is made when special bacteria are added to
lowfat milk; therefore, an average eight-ounce serving has
about 100 calories. It is available in most supermarkets,
in 1-quart containers.

Sweetened condensed milk is evaporated milk to which sugar
has been added. It is very high in calories -- about 980
calories in a cup. It is sold, unrefrigerated, in most
Yogurt is milk that has been allowed to ferment to a
semisolid consistency. It can be made from either whole
or skim milk. It is often used as a substitute for sour
cream, since it often achieves a similar result. If you
do attempt to substitute yogurt for sour cream, use whole
milk yogurt if possible and drain carefully of excess
water. Yogurt has far fewer calories as well -- about 120
as opposed to sour cream's average of 475 per cup. Yogurt
is sold in all supermarkets in eight-ounce and larger
containers. You can also make it at home quite easily.