Pastry Trims

Easy Lattice

Cut Dough In 1/2 Inch Strips; Twist Half The Strips And Lay 1 Inch Apart Across Pie. Twist And Place Remaining Strips In Opposite Direction In Diamond Pattern. Secure Ends Of Strips Into Rim Of Crust As You Flute The Edge.

Fluted Edge

Trim Pastry 1/2 Inch Beyond Rim; Fold Under To Make Double Edge. Use A Knife Handle Or Your Index Finger To Make Indentations, The Thumb And Index Finger Of Your Other Hand Are A Wedge To Push Against To Make The Scallop Around The Knife Handle. If You Like, Pinch Curved Edges Into Definite Points.

Scalloped Edge

Trim Pastry 1/2 Inch Beyond Rim; Fold Under To Make Double Edge. Using A Round Bowled Measuring Tablespoon, Press Against Thumb And Index Finger Of Hand. Or Press A Beverage Can Opener Into Edge, Curved Side Down.

Wedge Cutouts

Trim Bottom Crust Even With Edge Of Pie Plate. Roll Top Crust In Circle. Cut In Wedges With Pastry Cutter. Cut A Design On Each Piece To Keep From Puffing. Place Wedges On Pie. Seal Rim Edges With Tines Of Fork.

Woven Lattice Top

Trim Lower Crust 1/2 Inch Beyond Rim. Cut Pastry Strips 1/2 To 3/4 Inch Wide And 12 Inches Long. Lay Strips On Pie At 1 Inch Intervals. Fold Back Alternate Strips To Help You Weave Crosswise Strips Over And Under. Trim Lattice Strips Even With Outer Rim Of Pie Plate. Fold Lower Crust Over Strips. Seal; Crimp Edge As Desired.

Zig Zag Edge

Trim Pastry 1/2 To 1 Inch Beyond Edge Of Pie Plate; Fold Under To Make Plump Rim Of Pastry. Press Dough Between Thumb And Bent Finger, Pushing Slightly Forward On Slant With Finger And Pulling Back With Thumb. Place Thumb In Dent Left By Finger; Repeat Around Edge Of Pie Shell.