The primary seafood dipper is shrimp, the hands down
all-time favorite of most cocktail party aficionados.
Salmon may be know for joining forces in their journey
upstream but no one has truly witnessed a school of fish
in action until they've seen a bevy of shrimp dippers
converging with full force on the remoulade. You might
want to peruse the following for more suggestions.

SHRIMP: Shell, score down the back (making an incision
about 1/16-inch deep), and remove the thin black vein
while holding under cold running water. Bring a pot of
water to a boil (about 2 quarts of water for a pound of
large shrimp). Add a little salt, throw in the shrimp,
turn off the flame and let stand for about 5 minutes, or
until the shrimp just curl and turn pink and translucent.
DO NOT OVERCOOK!!! Then drain, run the shrimp under cold
water and refrigerate.

CRAB CLAWS: Stone crab claws are readily available
already cooked. Just smash the shells with a nutcracker
and place in a bowl over ice.

CRAB LEGS: King crab legs and snow crab legs also are
readily available already cooked. Break into lengths at
the joints and crack the shells with a nutcracker. Place
in a bowl over ice.
CRAYFISH: Follow the directions for preparing shrimp.

LOBSTER: Use large lobster tails. Bring a pot of water
to a boil (about 2 quarts of water for a pound of
lobster). Plunge the tails into the boiling water and
return to a boil. When the shell turns orange, lower to
simmer and cook until the meat at the end of the tail
turns translucent. Remove and blanch under cold water.
Split the soft underside of the shell with scissors,
remove the meat and cut into chunks.

SARIMI: Imitation crab. Sold cooked and chunked in most

FRESH OYSTERS: Loosen the oyster from the bottom shell
and serve on the half shell over a bed of ice (allowing
the guest to scoop up the dip with oyster on the shell).

SMOKED OYSTERS: Drain and serve each with a toothpick.