You don't have to go into the bar business
in order to operate. Not all of the items
mentioned here are absolutely necessary.
Some make you a more perfect bartender, and
at the same time make things easier.

*Bar spoon - a must. It should be long en-
ough, and have a knob at one end that may
be used to muddle ingredients. The ones
with spiralled shafts allow you to show-
boat a bit by spinning them between your
*Blender - a real worker. A food processor
will work, but the ice will scar the bowl,
and they always seem to leak, and drip.
*Bottle/can opener
*Coiled strainer - with ears that fits your
mixing glass, and/or shaker.
*Corkscrew - take your pick, whatever works
best for you. The double-lever type seems
to work nicely.
*Cutting board - a small 7 or 8 inch wooden
model is good, or one of the small plastic
types. Counters suffer when boards aren't
*Glassware - pop up the "Glasses" section of
the program. You don't need them all, but
none of us seems to limit ourselves, very
well, to what we need.
*Ice bucket - attractive, insulated, and with
a cap.
*Ice crusher - a nice addition.
*Ice scoop - for crushed ice.
*Ice tongs - makes a better effect than your
*Ice water pitcher - when mixing highballs,
etc. that call for water, keep some with
ice handy. A ice straining curl at the
spout helps.
*Knife - there are some nice bar models, with
serrated edge, and nice little curved picks
at the end for fancy work. The rind-knives
are useful, since they slice nice lemon
twist from the skin. A potato peeler will
do this pretty well.
*Lemon squeezer - works well and keeps the
seeds, and pulp out of your drinks.
*Measuring spoons
*Muddler - nice to break down sugar, and mint,
*Pitcher - with at least two quart capacity.
*Pourers - nice to insert in bottles while
in use, but remove and clean after use,
and recork the bottle.
*Shaker - or mixing glass, tall with a cap.
*Shotglass - 1 1/2 oz. or a double-ended
measuring glass.
*Supplies - tailor the list to your needs,
but here summary.
*Liquors -
*Bourbon *Gin *Vodka *Scotch
*Tequila *Vermouth *Brandy
*Red and white wine *Sherry
*Assorted liqueurs that your
favorite recipes need. *Rum
*Mixes -
*7up *Ginger ale *Club soda
*Tonic or Quinine Water
*Sweet/sour mix *Fruit juices
*Canned juices, or mixes -
Bloody Mary, Mai Tai, etc.
*Sugar syrup (see recipe)
place 13 oz. water in a
sauce pan, heat, and slow-
ly add one pound of gran-
ulated sugar - stir. This
will yield a pint of syrup.
Pour into a bottle and cap.
*Garnishes -
*Stuffed olives *Cocktail onions
*Lemons *Limes *Oranges *Celery
*Bananas * Strawberries *Cinnamon
sticks *Tobasco *Worcestershire
*Maraschino cherries *Cucumber
*Pineapple *Mint leaves *Horse-
*Specials -
*Grenadine syrup *Bitters *Orange
flower water *Rose's Lime juice
*Light cream *Whipping cream
*Various fruit syrups (try jams,
or jellies,they aren't bad)
*Vermouth - when you buy, buy well.
Get Noilly Prat and used properly
it takes longer to use up than
a bottle of Tobasco.