Every desert cheesecake requires a sweetening of some
kind. Most of the recipes use granulated sugar. However,
it is possible to substitute brown sugar or honey in
almost all of the recipes.


Remember that honey will make your cheesecakes darker,
which you may find undesirable. And, since it is less
soluble than granulated sugar, it is necessary to be
especially careful that it is blended into the cheese
mixture. Honey is used as the sweeter in such cheese
cakes as Yogurt No-Bake Cheesecake and No Bake Honey
Cheese Pie, but if you want to use it in other cakes, you
must adjust the quantities. Since honey is sweeter and
has a higher moisture content than granulated sugar, use
one-third less honey by volume and, when possible, reduce
the volume of other liquids by one-fourth cup for each cup
of honey used. This can be done by appropriately varying
the proportions of dry (cream cheese) and moist (sour
cream) dairy products.


This is fine crystals of sugar coated with molasses, sold
in either a dark or light form. Brown sugar is used as an
ingredient in the Praline Cheesecake, but could be
substituted for granulated sugar in other cakes as well.
As with the honey, brown sugar will make your cake darker,
and you must blend it in well. Measurements will remain
the same. We don't recommend using the granulated brown
sugar or the liquid form of brown sugar.


Also commonly available, this sugar has been crushed to a
fine powder similarly in texture to cornstarch. It is
used in cheesecakes primarily in beating egg whites as a
means of stiffening them. Often it is also added to
whipped cream as a sweetening.